Traditional Bracelets

This is a collection of standard bracelets that have been made for 100's of years by African tribesman. These are plain bracelets without any metal added.

Black on Brown

Nice unique black and brown hair combinations to create a contrast. Very popular with collectors.

Giraffe hair bracelets

Extremely rare and hard to come by. Very few elephants have any white hair. On the very odd occassion an elephant may  have a couple of strands.

White Hair Bracelets

Genuine rare giraffe hair bracelets

Brown Hair Bracelets

Like White Hair Brown hair is also extremely hard to come by. Very few elephants have this color hair.

Thickest Hair

Elephant Hair comes in various thicknesses. Some of the hair is very thin and other very much more thicker. The thick hair is extremely rare

All of our bracelets can be worn by women. However these bracelets have been specifically created for women.

Women's Bracelets

White and brown hair

Woven elephant hair bracelets

Lee collection. Unique collection of sterling silver and elephant hair