History and Belief: Why are elephant hair bracelets so special?

For thousands of years African mythology has believed that the connection between heaven and earth is the elephant.

The largest land animal, the African elephant, stands proud and tall on his native savannah of Africa.

When wearing an elephant hair bracelet you will be protected from harm and you will not get sick or poor.

You will be prosperous, healthy, always find love and be in harmony with your fellow man.

Some also hold the superstitious belief that an elephant hair bracelet can bring you good luck. There are many stories whereby people put their luck down to purchasing and wearing an elephant hair bracelet.

Example 1

Unlucky in love.

I am trying so hard to find a partner and everything I do just doesn't work. Girls/guys come out on one date and I never hear from them again. I don't know where to start looking or what to do.

Get your elephant hair bracelet and do a deep and sincere personal assessment of yourself and try to understand what it is you want in a partner and relationship. Set your goals and target the right type of person. Associate your bracelet with all your inner desires and goals. Wear your lucky elephant hair bracelet all of the time. You will think about what you want and this will become part of who you are. You will 'connect with the universe' and whatever you want will come to you.

Example 2

I have no money, no job, nothing! I don't know where to turn to!

Put on your elephant hair bracelet and start to fully assess your situation. Look at all the possibilities of where you can make a very small amount of money WITHOUT borrowing it. Set a goal for the us of that money - food, shelter etc.

The mammoth hairs of the elephant's tail are very hard and tough. They are boiled or steamed for hours to allow them to be formed into custom elephant hair bracelets.

Remember without food and shelter you can't move on. Now start to find a better way to make a bit more money. Continue to set small achievable goals to improve your situation.

Many people become 'friends' with their lucky elephant hair bracelets, and many people talk to them. I know this may sound strange, but it becomes a part of you and many believe this is one of the ways to "get connected to the universe".

Elephant Hair Bracelet Design

The traditional elephant hair bracelet was a 2-knot design, its been this way for centuries. About 40 years ago, people started making bracelets with 3 or 4 knots, sometimes even more. Nowadays some people say that the amount of knots in the bracelet will give a different meaning. There is no evidence of this in African mythology.