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Elephant Hair Bracelets by Francis Cary

To all of our loyal returning customers, Welcome Back!

Your bracelet is inspected by Fish and Wildlife prior to a cites document being issued. This takes 7-10 days. We then send your bracelet by DHL Express 4 business days.

We have redesigned the website and given it a little makeover.
A little bit of technology to make it better and easier for us all to use.

These are still the quality products you have grown to respect and enjoy through the years crafted by master elephant hair bracelet craftsman Francis Cary (also known as Neale to some).

Genuine Elephant Hair Bracelets

The Elephant Hair Bracelet was historically worn by African tribal people who believed that it would enrich their lives and protect them.

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Watch the video below to find out more about the different colors of elephant hairs which are still available to be bought from Just Elephant.

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the Many Colors of Elephant Hair Bracelets

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