Most Popular Elephant Hair Bracelets

The most popular elephant hair bracelets are a collection of the most bought items since the start of You will find that most of these elephant hair bracelet designs in this collection are the more "modern" models. The reason for this is that there is more marketing of elephant hair bracelets in modern times.

Francis Cary is third generation elephant hair bracelet craftsman. His grandfather started selling elephant hair bracelets in 1910. He had a transport business then using ox wagons to transport merchandise from Durban to Johannesburg and back. In his travels he collected the elephant hair, made bracelets and then sold them.

When you are purchasing an elephant hair bracelet things to consider are: 

  • Appearance (aesthetic looks)
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Modern design with silver (or any other metal) or the traditional style without a metal

All of our elephant hair bracelets are created with meticulous care so that you can get as much "life" out of the bracelet as possible. So all it would really come down to the "look" of the bracelet and what your budget is.

It is suggested that you communicate with if you have any queries before deciding to buy. She can advise about size or any variation in the design that you might be considering. We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.

Giraffe hair is becoming more popular, especially the white giraffe hair bracelets. We have combined the giraffe hair with elephant hair to create some stunning elephant hair bracelet designs. Just like white elephant hair so is white giraffe hair extremely rare. Our "white stripe" bracelet is the most popular in this collection. You will see the contrast with the white giraffe hair and the dark elephant hair.

The braided elephant hair bracelets are always amongst the best sellers. We have combined the elephant hair with sterling silver and other metals to create some quite unique elephant hair bracelet designs. 

Another of the very popular woven or braided elephant hair bracelets is the "Francis Cary" bracelet. This bracelet was created by Francis Cary and because of the unique technique used to create the bracelet it cannot easily be copied. People find the aesthetic appearance very pleasing.

The Lee Collection combines sterling silver with elephant hair to create a more modern looking bracelet. There are primarily 5 elephant hair bracelets in this collection. Very often ladies will choose this design above others.