JEW11 3.5" Diameter. 16 strands BROWN/ WHITE elephant hair. VERY NICE BRACELET Price $620 incl. ship & ins
JEW23 3.5" Diameter Made using 17 strands of  light brown and white elephant hair Price $460 incl. ship& ins
JEW 27 4" LARGE  Diameter. Made using 15 strands of WHITE and brown hair.  Price $800 incl. ship & ins
JEW7 3" Diameter Made using 12 strands WHITE HAIR (Some brown) VERY NICE BRACELET . Price $900 incl ship & ins
JEW10 3.5" Diameter Made using 18  strands WHITE/BROWN HAIR. Stunning design. Price $1200 incl ship & ins
JEW6 3.75" Diameter Made using 12 strands WHITE/BROWN HAIR . Price $680 incl ship & ins
JEW8 3.5" Diameter Made using 10 strands of nice thick WHITE/BROWN HAIR . Price $650 incl ship & ins
JEW2 -4" Diameter LARGE Made using 6 strands nice  white hair with HINT brown . One large knot -one small knot. Price $320 incl ship & ins
White elephant hair is extremely rare. Less than .1% of hair is white. These bracelets are considered to be extremely unique. Every once in a while someone asks us if these come from white elephants..............Unfortunatley there is no such thing as a white elephant.
Collectors from all over the world purchase these bracelets because the white elephant hair is no longer available. We still have a few left.  However, we have not been able to obtain further supplies for over 5  years.
3.5" diameter will fit most men and 3" diameter will fit most women
JEW9 -3.5" Diameter Nice very nice 12 thick white hair bracelet -  with a hint of brown.  Price $680 incl. ship and ins
JEW5 3.5" Diameter Made using 17 strands WHITE HAIR (Some brown) . Price $720 incl ship & ins
JEW13 -3.5" Diameter Made using 15 strands transparent white/brown some brown . Price $800 incl ship & ins
JEW12 -3.5" Diameter Made using 18 strands WHITE HAIR some brown . Price $650 incl ship & ins
JEW1 -4" Diameter Made using 14 strands WHITE HAIR some brown . Price $950 incl ship & ins