14 strands of very rare light brown elephant hair tied with 3 knots. This item is very collectable. - JEB1
This light brown hairs of the JEB1 shown in it's creator's fingers.

JEB1 Light brown elephant hair bracelet some white

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Fourteen very rare light brown hairs are bound and tied with 3 knots. The scarcity of these light brown hairs makes this item very collectable.

This rare elephant hair bracelet is 4"/10.16cm in diameter, which is better suited to a larger wrist or as a bangle for a medium wrist (or even a tiny ankle).

Price US$ 590 (R 10 797)

Brown Elephant Hair Bracelets

Brown elephant hair is extremely rare. Less than 0.5% of hair is brown. The brown elephant hair is a light brown or tawny color, compared to the dark brown and black hairs more commonly available. These bracelets are extremely unique and are highly prized for their coloration.

Collectors from all over the world purchase these bracelets because the brown elephant hair is no longer available. We still have a few brown elephant hairs left. Remember though, we haven't been able to replenish our stocks in 5 years.

Quality Artisanal Craftsmanship

Each bracelet is hand-crafted with great care and precision to detail. The dimensions and colors are matched very carefully to ensure the highest quality artisanal bracelets are supplied to our clients.

Our elephant hair bracelet's are constructed from the finest quality genuine elephant hair. We use real elephant hair for all bracelets; we do not use synthetic hair.

All of the authentic elephant hairs that we use come from natural and cruelty-free sources. When the hairs get collected, the elephants are not even there to see it done (see above linked article).

For an authentic elephant hair bracelet, the real deal, you've come to the right place! Secure your own genuine elephant hair bracelet today.