Elephant hair, a symbol of patience, wisdom and luck. Maybe this is what you need for you Friday night poker game. - MEG
Braided elephant hair and brass cord fastened with a bass clasp; style and symbolism in one strong package. - MEG

MEG16 Braided elephant hair bracelet with brass

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This braided elephant hair bracelet is exquisite and truly unique. A perfect synergy between all-natural elephant hair and the cool touch of brass, this bracelet will bring style and maybe a little luck to your next night on the town.

Available in 2 widths - 12 mm and 16 mm wide.

Braided Bracelets

The braided bracelet is a newer iteration of a traditional African design. This collection of braided elephant hair bracelets has varieties which include sterling silver or brass fittings. The "Francis Cary" is a unique design that uses only elephant hair to secure the braid.

All of these bracelets are hand-woven and custom made to order. Measure your wrist and order yours right now!

Quality Artisanal Craftsmanship

Each bracelet is hand-crafted with great care and precision to detail. The dimensions and colors are matched very carefully to ensure the highest quality artisanal bracelets are supplied to our clients.

Our elephant hair bracelet's are constructed from the finest quality genuine elephant hair. We use real elephant hair for all bracelets; we do not use synthetic hair.

All of the authentic elephant hairs that we use come from natural and cruelty-free sources. When the hairs get collected, the elephants are not even there to see it done (see above linked article).

For an authentic elephant hair bracelet, the real deal, you've come to the right place! Secure your own genuine elephant hair bracelet today.