ELE-FACTS ....... have a heart

Sharing interesting facts that help us understand these magnificent creatures and the way they behave.

As humans our hearts beat about 70 times per minute.   A mouse heartbeat is about 500 times per minute.  
Elephants have a heart beat of 28 times per minute.

Elephants have the biggest brain of any mammal.  Their brains are small when they are born, but as they grow and learn the size of their brains increase.   This makes them highly intelligent and very sociable creatures.   They even recognise their own reflection in a mirror.

Mother elephants treat young bull elephants differently to young cows.   The reason for this is that the cows stay together, but the bulls leave their monthers, sisters and aunts at around 15 years to join the 'Askari" or the male herd. 

The Matriarch - the strongest wisest female elephant in the herd stops the young bulls from interbreeding among the herd. 

Young bulls are strictly disciplined for their first 25 years by the matriarchs and the older Askari bulls.