Thick elephant hair

JET3  -3" Diameter 6 strands THIKEST dark hair. Price $210 incl. ship & ins
JET4 Diameter 3.5" Made using 20 strands of mixed very thick and medium brown and white hair.  Very nice well proportioned. Price $1600 incl. ship & ins
JET30. 4 strands of VERY THICK  BROWN hair. Black knots.  Price $330 incl. ship & ins
JET9. Max diam. 3.5". 5 strands very thick hair. Price $210 incl ship & ins 
JET13 Diameter 3.5" Made using 5 strands Very Thick hair. Price $210 incl. ship & ins  
JET15. -4" Diameter 16 strands VERY THICK LIGHT BROWN  hair. Dark Knots. Price $1600 incl. ship & ins
JET12 Diameter 4 " Made using 30 strands of very thick elephant hair. Very unique. Price $410 incl. ship & ins

A very small percentage of elephant hair is classified as 'thick elephant hair'.  In fact this is less than 1%.

These elephant hair bracelets are made using thick elephant hair.

This hair is no longer available from Fish And Wildlife because there is no more. Fortunatley, we still have some left  but once this is used  ad sold you will not be able to get it anymore.
JET2 3" Diameter Made using 18 strands very thick mixed white and brown hair . Price $1100 incl ship & ins 
JET10 Diameter 3.5" Made using 14 strands VERY THICK WHITE & LIGHT BROWN HAIR. Price $1200 incl. ship & ins
JET31. 7 strands of VERY THICKEST  BROWN hair.  Price $440 incl. ship & ins
JET32. 3.5" Diameter. 20 strands of VERY THICKEST  BROWN hair.  Nice BULKY. Price $2400 incl. ship & ins
JET11 -3.5" Diameter 16 strands VERY THICK LIGHT BROWN  hair. Price $1600 incl. ship & ins