A beautiful and rare elephant and giraffe hair bracelet. Is it lucky? You tell me. Put one on your wrist today and tell me if your luck changes. - SQ
30 strands of dark elephant hair and 1 strand of giraffe hair caught between sterling silver angular bands with a sterling silver clip-close clasp. - SQ
Elephant hair bangles. Lovely rigidity and angular shape make this bangle a true work of art for a fine wrist to display. - SQ

"White Stripe", elephant and giraffe hair bracelet (30 hairs)

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This bracelet has a very satisfying rectangular shape and a lovely weight and feel. Thirty strands of dark elephant hair run in between sterling silver rectangular bands capped on the ends with a unique clip-in clasp, also in sterling silver.

The giraffe is a symbol of balance, heart and mind, spiritual and worldly. Mixed with the symbolism of the elephant's strength, wisdom, luck, patience and cunning... This bracelet would have some powerful soul lifting magic, if you believe in that sort of thing!

Very limited resource of finest giraffe hair; limited production capacity.

Unique Bracelet Designs

These elephant hair bracelets each have their own unique and distinctive design. Some may be one of a kind, with only one ever made, or part of a limited production offering, a limited number ever to be made.

The "Francis Cary" is unique in its design. The thickest elephant hair bracelets are almost all sold out, with no chance of restocking, so a limited production offering. These are examples in this the Unique Bracelet Designs Collection.

Quality Artisanal Craftsmanship

Each bracelet is hand-crafted with great care and precision to detail. The dimensions and colors are matched very carefully to ensure the highest quality artisanal bracelets are supplied to our clients.

Our elephant hair bracelet's are constructed from the finest quality genuine elephant hair. We use real elephant hair for all bracelets; we do not use synthetic hair.

All of the authentic elephant hairs that we use come from natural and cruelty-free sources. When the hairs get collected, the elephants are not even there to see it done (see above linked article).

For an authentic elephant hair bracelet, the real deal, you've come to the right place! Secure your own genuine elephant hair bracelet today.