JEW16 3.5" Diameter. Made using 12 strands of THICK WHITE ELEPHANT HAIR. Price $1200 incl.ship & ins
JEW3 Diameter 3.5" Made using 20 strands WHITE & BROWN hair. Price $750 incl. ship& ins
JEW9 -4" Diameter Nice very nice 6 white hair  bracelet -hint of brown. Very well proportioned. Price $420 incl. ship  and ins
JEW11 4" Diameter. 6 strands BROWN/ WHITE elephant hair. VERY NICE BRACELET Price $460 incl. ship & ins
JEW20 3.5" Diameter Made using 11 strands WHITE HAIR (Some brown) VERY NICE BRACELET. Price $1400 incl
ship & ins
JEW23 3.5" Diameter Made using 18 strands WHITE elephant hair Price $1100 incl. ship& ins
JEW 27 3" Diameter Made using 15 strands WHITE hair. Price $580 incl. ship & ins
JEW2 4" Diameter Made using 5 strands WHITE HAIR (Some brown) VERY NICE BRACELET . Price $320 incl
ship & ins
JEW4 3" Diameter Made using 21 strands WHITE HAIR. VERY NICE BRACELET . Price $1200 incl ship & ins
JEW5 3.5" Diameter Made using 11 strands WHITE HAIR (Some brown) . Price $900 incl ship & ins
JEW6 3.5" Diameter Made using 10 strands WHITE/BROWN HAIR . Price $320 incl ship & ins
JEW7 3.5" Diameter Made using 6 strands  VERY THICK WHITE/BROWN HAIR . Price $410 incl ship & iNS
JEW8 3.5" Diameter Made using 10 strands nice thick WHITE/BROWN HAIR . Price $800 incl ship & ins
JEW12 -3.5" Diameter Made using 16 strands WHITE HAIR some brown . Price $1200 incl ship & ins
JEW13 3.5" Diameter Made using  5 strands nice thick WHITE/BROWN HAIR . Price $320 incl ship & ins

White elephant hair is extremely rare. Less than .1% of hair is white. These bracelets are considered to be extremely unique. Every once in a while someone asks us if these come from white elephants..............
Many collectors from all over the world purchase these bracelets because the white elephant hair is no longer available. We still have a sme left. We have not been able to get it now for over 5 years.

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