Lional Cary Started to help people with elephant hair bracelets in 1903. Since then Frank and Francis Cary have supplied elephant hair bracelets to many thousands of people across the world.

Today we have experts assisting you with your enquiry. Over the years we have had thousands of  very happy customers.

Below, you can read some of the many comments we have received.  We'd love to hear from you too!

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Hi, Just wanted to leave a comment and say thanks for the fast shipping!
Amazing elephant hair bracelet! Thank you!
Love This Company,
Very professional customer service department and very helpful.
H. Kirkwood 
This was my first order, but will be ordering again soon.
The customer service representative was very helpful with what I needed. I am going through a bad time in my marriage –just what I needed.
C. Johnson 
Love your products!!! This is my third order. Will now start to buy for my friends. My bracelet for good luck really help me and look wonderful.
N. Alexander
Your products are always great.
I've been purchasing from you for a few years now and every bracelet I've ordered is as described . Thank you for giving me great experiences with your online store.
M. Coric 
Always good products and good service!
S. Robbins
Great service and products. 
No wonder you have been around so long! I enjoy getting your catalog in the mail too!
J. Anderson
Glad to have found your site. Been looking for quality elephant hair bracelets for such a long time.
I have been on safari to Africa numerous times and have purchased many elephant Hair Bracelets. All of them break after a very short time. I have now been buying top quality bracelets from you for 3 years. ++++AAAAA
Bradford Posey
I have been buying your products off and on for a long time, and I been very happy with your products.
Over the years I only had one item that had to be replaced and it was replaced promptly. I never rates any one or company as perfect because none perfect except our heavenly Father.
I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful elephant Hair Bracelets, they are truly amazing i believe you changed my life. A couple of months back (i believe in october) i had purchased a bracelet for good luck. I happened to meet someone in November and in December we started to get to know each other and then progressed into a relationship, I become his girlfriend in February! I am really happy with what your elephant hair bracelet did for me! Right now i feel like, i have it all except i wish my grades were a little bit better. Im a nursing student, and my classes are really tough and i try my hardest with my work. Going to really focus on my bracelet now! Thank you!
Anne Busby
Great company that fulfills all my needs!
Told friends about the company and they have already purchased bracelets. Keep up the good works.
A Very Satified Customer!
I just want to say thanks for your great service!I will definitely order more bracelets.
I love you guys and please keep up the wonderful work you're doing. I will be placing my order soon
L. Ellis
For all of your help, your bracelets and service always been very helpful to me.
I will be recommending to my friends - I'm very satisfied thank you!
L. Bond
I was very pleased with the elephant Hair Bracelet.
At First nothing happened then I contacted Brigitte and she explained what I must do. Now it is amazing. Set my goals and love my bracelet!!
Anne Beauford
I love your bracelets, they are a life saver!
I love your elephant hair bracelets, I bought one for my boyfriend.
I explained to him what to do and over the past few months his business has started to grow more than we hoped for. Its amazing I just wish that everyone understood the concept.
L. Smith
My name is A. Riggs and I have been ordering from Francis for longer than 20 years. My father ordered from Frank for a long time before that.
We have never had any issues with any elephant hair bracelets and my order is always correct. I have had only one problem within 10 years and when I contacted the company the issue was solved quickly. I really enjoy talking to Brigitte and the staff. Keep up the good work everyone!
Be blessed!!
Dear Francis and staff,
I am truly grateful and thankful to all of you that help people ease their lives. It's not easy I tell you so keep doing your good work.  With sincere regards and blessings
- P.R.
I love your company!
The absolute best in positive self help.
Unbelievable fast shipping
Thought it would take a lot longer from South Africa. 5 days super fast! 
Lillian J.
I love your shop!
I asked many questions and Brigitte you are very knowledgeable. Thank you for teaching me and helping me learn a lot more and providing amazing customer service. I love your shop and you have now found a loyal customer in me!
Keep Up the Good Work!
You are all doing a wonderful job, it can't get any better than this. With Love, 
Amazing how my elephant hair bracelet has turned my life around. Once I learned how to use it properly. WOW WOW WOW!!
Sarah B.
Yep, another testimonial from yours truly.
I have been sick for the past 3 months, in and out of treatment. Unable to find a job, lots of financial woes till until I found! I felt discouraged and powerless. I was starting to worry a lot, losing sleep, tossing and turning in bed. Just severe anxiety in my own private hell. I want to wholeheartedly thank all of you at at for your help and guidance through an extraordinarily horrible time. I am going in for surgery now to fix the illness that’s been plaguing me since I was 12 years old. That is going to change my life forever! Thank you so much!!
Grace H.
I have my elephant hair bracelet with me
I'm currently in Afghanistan and I'm praying that I get the same results here that I have always had at home. Thank you for what you do!
cs roe
I received both orders. Perfectly as requested. Definitely will be a Repeat Customer! Bravo the bracelet for good luck!
Just received my lucky elephant hair bracelet!
., Francis and staff thank you for everything.
Thank you so much for explaining how to use the good luck bracelet. It really works!
Genie H.
Dear Friends,
Thank you for turning my life around. I had so many things that were bad and with my new faith in myself they have all come right. From my health to my youngest son finding a partner! 3 of us now wear your good luck bracelets.
Vickie B.
Hi Andre,
Amazing fast shipping! Will certainly tell my friends about you!
Sarah F.
Thank you!
Thank you for helping me to help myself! Love my good luck jewelry!
Tracey W.
Your elephant hair bracelets REALLY work!
My whole career has just fallen into place in just 3 months! My life has changed!
Amazing products and services.
Expert advice, fast shipping. Wonderful elephant hair bracelets!
Norah A.
Your company and staff are doing such a wonderful job, don’t change anything
Like my father before me I buy my elephant hair bracelets from you. Amazing what “luck” they bring when you know how to use them.
R. Lewis
I won $13,000 playing the lottery!
Your wonderful bracelet has brought me incredible luck! Thank you so much
C. S.
A must for all esoteric needs!
This is a GREAT and very informative store.
Elliot M.C.
Thank you for the Fast Delivery.
I was so looking forward to my lucky bracelet. It came in 5 days all the way from Africa. Thank you so much!
Doris C.
I am blessed to have found your company.
I have been ordering for years now and this is my 6th good luck bracelet. Just when I thought that my relationship was over, I reminded myself of my previous good luck elephant hair bracelet –so I bought this one. After one week things started to change and now after 3 months our relationship has reached new heights that we never had before!
Monica P.
I really love your bracelets for good luck!
I REALLY love your products! They make me feel free from bad luck. All I do is focus on my good luck bracelet!
I have never felt better!
My good luck elephant hair bracelet has healed me! Also I am able to sleep like a baby because I am now protected from anything bad. I ordered one of your elephant hair bracelets for good luck and I have never felt better! My heart feels so much better, and I am at peace!.
Bessie A.
I am achieving success in my life!
Dear Andre, I am writing this letter to let you know that I am very pleased with my outcome of discovering "Good Luck." I just turned 50 years old this year and I just found that something wonderful CAN happen in my life and that I can have GOOD LUCK if I drive it myself! Thank you for showing me how to use “jewelry for good luck”. Thank You for helping me out, thank you for wanting to help me, you all have been so kind and motivating for me. Finally, I am achieving success in my life!
Felicia H.
Dear Francis,
My father and I have been ordering lucky jewelry from you now for over 30 years. We are so blessed to have found you and elephant hair bracelets so long ago. Amazing what lucky jewelry can do for you!
Mona B.
Thank you You have turned our lives around!
This is my 5th bracelet now that I have just bought for my daughter. I have trained her (like I did my son ) how to use the bracelet for good luck and prosperity. THANK YOU.
Tonya B.
I have been a customer since the early 1985
I can't begin to tell you how your bracelets for good luck have helped me and the other people I recommended to you. Your bracelets for good luck really work. If I could purchase your lucky bracelets for everyone in the world I would! You are a one stop remedy shop for people that need to know about self-help.
Vernette R.
Dear Friends,
This is just a note to say I have just received my elephant hair bracelet. Looking forward to see if my good luck bracelet really works.
Dwight F.
Just got my lucky bracelet
I am so excited I just got my elephant hair bracelet. My father used to by from you and I saw how they helped him. Looking forward to wearing my own lucky jewelry.
M. Andrews
I will always order from you
This is my 3rd good luck bracelet. I cannot live without them!!!
Joe Wise