JEB2 Diameter 3.5" Made using 12 strands THICK mixed WHITE, black, BROWN HAIR. Price  $220 incl. ship & ins
JEB10 Diameter 3.5" UNIQUE MULTI COLOR  bracelet. WHITE light/dark brown hairs. Price $700 incl. ship & ins
JEB12 Diameter 3.5" Made using 17 strands WHITE, light & golden brown hair. Price $390 incl. ship & in
JEB14 Diameter 4" Made using 11 strands WHITE & LIGHT BROWN HAIR. Price $310 incl. ship & ins
JEB17 Diameter 4" Made using 18 strands MIXED DARK /LIGHT BROWN hair. Price $380 incl. ship & ins
JEB22 Diameter 3.5". UNIQUE 19 strands light/dark brown hair. Price $430 incl. ship & ins
JEB25 Diameter 3" Made using 18 strands MULTI COLOR hair Price $450 incl ship & ins
JEB26 Diameter 4" Made using 14 strands LIGHT/DARK BROWN hair. Price $290 incl ship & ins
JEB27 -3" Diameter NICE BRACELET Made using 15 strands nice thick hair. Price $290incl. ship & insurance
JEB28 Diameter 3.5" Made using 10 strands of GOLDEN and light brown & white hair. Price $360 incl ship & ins
JEB29 Diameter 3" Made using 15 strands of light & dark brown hair. Price $220 incl ship
Brown elephant hair is very rare and just as white elephant hair is difficult to come by so is the brown hair. Most of these elephant hair bracelets also have some white hair in them. We are unable to get more of this hair. Once we have sold what we have it will be finished.
Brown Elephant hair bracelets


JEB3 Diameter 4" Made using 18 strands of white, light & dark brown hair. Price $360 incl ship
JEB4 Diameter 3" Made using 20 strands of light transparent brown
hair. Price $240 incl ship
JEB5 Diameter 3.5" Made using 20 strands of light, dark brown & white  hair. SPECTACULAR MULTICOLOR. Price $420 incl ship
JEB6 Diameter 3.5" Made using 12 strands of transparent light & dark brown, & some white  hair. Price $390 incl ship
JEB7 Diameter 3" Made using 15 strands of mixed brown  hair. Price $160 incl ship
JEB8 Diameter 3.5" Made using 24 strands of transparent light & dark brown  hair. Price $250 incl ship
JEB9 Diameter 3" Made using 16 strands of WHITE & transparent light & dark brown hair. Price $320 incl ship